Ski Touring Eldorado Dachstein and Ramsau am Dachstein

Adventure ski touring in untouched nature

It is for good reason that the Dachstein is known as a ski mountaineering paradise. There are, all together, 16 ski tours, crossings, and steep slopes to be tackled from the starting point at the top station of the Dachstein Gondola. This is also where you take off on Austria's most popular ski tour, the Dachstein glacier crossing over to Hallstatt or Obertraun. It is 25 km long and groomed, making this gorgeous tour accessible to intermediate skiers as well. What’s more, the glacier-crossing route can also be managed with Alpine skiing equipment, and there are only short passages where carrying your skis and where pushing and skating is necessary. Freeriders can dip on and off piste in the deep powder when there is no risk of avalanche. The mountain huts like Simonyhütte and Gjaidalm invite you to stop for a bite, and they are simply great places for sunbathing.

Tip: check with the Ramsau Verkehrsbetriebe or at the Dachstein gondola station for the return trip from Obertraun or Hallstatt. They are offered several times a week.

Please always be aware of the current avalanche situation and the alarm level for avalanche

Safety first

Equipment check

It is careless to go on a ski tour without adequate preparation and equipment. Not only would you put your life at risk but also those of your fellow mountaineers in the same area.

Vital equipment to carry with you

  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Mobile phone
  • Shovel
  • Avalanche probe
  • First aid kit
  • Sufficient food and drink
  • Additional clothing to change

On the day of the tour

  • Read the avalanche report and check its impact on the planned tour.
  • Read the weather forecast and check its impact on the planned tour.
  • Are all participants adequately fit and healthy status for the planned ski tour?

Ten most important rules

  1. Ascents and descents are at your own risk and responsibility.
  2. Ascents only at the edge of a ski run (FIS rule no 7). Walk in a single file, not side by side. Pay attention to skiers.
  3. Pay particular attention ahead of cones, in narrow passages, in case of icy conditions, and when crossing a ski-run. No crossing when the terrain is difficult to observe.
  4. Never walk up closed ski runs. Respect set routes and local signs.
  5. Be aware of work on the ski runs (grooming). For safety reasons, ski runs are closed when rope winches are in use.
  6. Ski only on the edges of freshly groomed ski runs in the dark, always wear a head-torch and reflective ski gear.
  7. Be aware of Alpine dangers, in particular of avalanches. Never take on a ski tour in areas where avalanche blasts are possible.
  8. Only set out for a ski tour when there is enough snow to avoid damage to plants and soil.
  9. Always consider wild animals; they are most easily disturbed at dawn and in darkness. Don’t take dogs on the ski runs.
  10. Respect the rules at the parking lots. Drive responsibly.