Freeriding – a dream for powder hounds

Austria’s ski-touring eldorado – the Dachstein and Ramsau

Sparkling snow crystals as far as the eye can see. Fans of deep powder are enchanted by the Dachstein, which is, not surprisingly, known as Austria’s ski mountaineering eldorado. Endless ski tours, steep downhills, ski routes, and freerides await you from the top of Dachstein’s plateau all the way down to Ramsau, and as far as Hallstatt. The most spectacular downhill ride is the Edelgrieß, quite a challenge even for the experienced skier.

Those in the know consider the Edelgrieß freeride downhill run to be the most beautiful in the Alps, but this south-facing slope to Ramsau-Ort really is only the domain of experienced and confident alpinists and skiers. If you fit the ticket, you’re in for great powder skiing with a fabulous mountain backdrop, a slope gradient of up to 45 degrees and 1,600 metres of difference in altitude. Between steep rock and limestone walls, there are cirques, gorges, and untouched powder on the spectacular 8 km run down to Ramsau.

Please ask our ski schools and mountain guides for further touring information on the Dachstein.

Please always be aware of the current avalanche situation and the alarm level for avalanche warnings:

Safety first

Equipment check

It is careless to go on a ski tour without adequate preparation and equipment. Not only would you put your life at risk but also those of your fellow mountaineers in the same area.

Vital equipment to carry with you:

  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Mobile phone
  • Shovel
  • Avalanche probe
  • First aid kit
  • Sufficient food and drink
  • Additional clothing to change

On the day of the tour:

  • Read the avalanche report and check its impact on the planned tour.
  • Read the weather forecast and check its impact on the planned tour.
  • Are all participants adequately fit and healthy for the planned ski tour?