Family Holiday in Ramsau am Dachstein

Hiking with kids

Whoever thinks that a family hiking holiday in Ramsau am Dachstein could get boring, is mistaken. KALI the Ramsaurian makes sure that there is loads of fun, adventure and enthrallment. The nature and kids-loving green dinosaur mascot is always around with you. KALI shows the kids the secrets of nature and brings them to the most adventurous places in Ramsau am Dachstein. 

Tracing KALI the Ramsaurian, parents don't need to think about how to motivate their kids to hike together. Accordingly the treasure hunt system, for which children get their KALI kids' hiking book at the tourism office, containing hiking sheets similar to treasure maps. By means of these maps, the children trace KALI the Ramsaurian and try to find the 11 stamp stations that are all over the Ramsau plateau. Each of these stations conforms to the living environment of one of KALI'S animal friends. There is, for instance, BLUBB the fish at the stamp station "Fish pond", or BLÖKI the sheep, at the stamp station "Alpine pastures". The stamp goes on the relevant treasure map. Once you will have collected all 11 stamps by the end of your holiday, you get the KALI hiking certificate and for a small fee, a special KALI hiking pin. In the kids' hiking book, there are also many stories with KALI and colouring sheets. 

That way, parents and children learn together about Ramsau am Dachstein's scenic beauties during their holidays.

Places to Go for Kids

Other family attractions in the holiday region