About the TV Series

Andreas Marthaler (Martin Gruber) comes back to his home village Ramsau am Dachstein to attend the wedding of his best friend Stefan, just before he plans to move to Arizona. Being a gifted climber, Andreas thinks about opening a climbing school there, together with his girlfriend Sarah (Stephanie Stumph). On the day after the wedding, Andreas and his newly-married friend Stefan take a climbing tour together, and tragically, Stefan falls off the mountain. "Emilie.... you can't leave her alone, ok?" are Stefan's last words before he dies in Andreas' arms.

After the trauma of this sad event, Andreas is torn between his dream of going to Arizona and the responsibility for the pregnant widow Emilie (Stefanie von Poser). He feels responsible for Stefan's death and takes over his job, becoming head of the Ramsau mountain rescue service. From now on, he risks his life all too often to help people being in accidents. At the same time, he fondly looks after Emilie, who only finds out after the wedding that she is expecting another child, and that their farmhouse is highly in debt. Also, she is mom of Lukas (Dustin Raschdorf)  and Hanna (Stefanie Robotka).

Arizona will have to wait, because now Andreas is needed in Ramsau am Dachstein. The mountain rescue team needs his help as much as Emilie does. Sarah imagined her life with Andreas differently and their relationship falls apart. But she eventually comes back to Ramsau am Dachstein and becomes an associate of the local Hotel Herbrechter. The relationship between Sarah and Andreas gets a new chance, they buy a house and plan their future. But at the end of the third series, a fatal accident happens.

Andreas and Sarah are both buried by an avalanche during a rescue mission. Andreas fights for Sarah's life, but she dies because of the severe injuries she has suffered. Met by his fate, everything is uncertain for Andreas. But he stays with the mountain rescue team and is called out to thrilling missions, as can be seen in series four.

Bea is pregnant and leaves with her baby's father Joss, Sarah's brother. Bea is sadly missed, however, she is replaced soon. Tobias’ half-sister somewhat causes a stir at the beginning of the 6th series. The cheerful Katharina (Luise Bähr) is supposed to work as a physiotherapist at her father’s hotel, yet she takes Bea’s place and joins the Ramsau mountain rescue team as paramedic. Tobias is not happy about this. Not only is she in his bad books, he also has mixed feelings about the fact that she seems to be conquering Andreas’s heart at once.

During a daring rescue mission, Markus, an experienced climber, secures Andreas with a rope to prevent a little girl from plunging to death. In doing so, Andreas makes a momentous decision and sacrifices his own life to safe the little girl – and he cuts the rope.

A moving farewell and a new, huge challenge for Markus Kofler (portrayed by Sebastian Ströbel who from then on adds to the mountain rescue team Ramsau in full activity.