Kids' cross country ski park in Ramsau am Dachstein

Cross Country Skiing is Easy-Peasy!

The little cross country skiers in Ramsau am Dachstein can enjoy a particular offer: the kids' cross country ski park. Here, the youngest Nordic skiers playfully start to get into this kind of skiint. The cross country ski park is in the WM stadium in Ramsau Ort.

The kid's cross country ski park offers this variety. There is a large snow hill for ascents and downhills, even through gates and over jumps and other obstacles. Ball games, relays or running games can be played on this ski-playground.

The cross country ski instructors of the Ramsau Ski Schools safely guide the little skiers through the ski park, or kids can try on their own. The skiing equipment can be rented out at local sports shops, also right on site. Kids up to 15th birthday don't have to get a cross-country trail pass!