• Powder Skiing at its Best

    Sparkling snow crystals as far as the eye can reach. Enjoy powder skiing at its best in the Dachstein glacier ski area, that is, unsurprisingly, also called 'Austria's ski touring Eldorado'. There are countless ski mountaineering tours, steep downhills, ski routes and freerides from and to the Dachstein plateau.

    The most spectacular freeride run is the 'Edelgrieß', quite a challenge for even experienced mountaineers.

    Insiders consider the freeride run 'Edelgrieß' as the most beautiful one of the Alps. In order to wedel down this south-faced slope to Ramsau-Ort, it is absolutely necessary to be an experienced alpinist and skier. This is the precondition for great powder skiing with a fabulous mountain backdrop, a slope gradient of up to 45 degrees and 1600 metres of difference in altitude.

    In between the steep rocks and limestone walls, there are cirques, gorges and firn slopes. This spectacular freeride is 8 km long!

    Ask our Ski schools and Mountain guides for further ski touring tips, they will be happy to assist.

    Please be always aware of the current avalanche situation and the alarm level for avalanche warnings: www.lawine-steiermark.at

    Safety comes first

    Equipment check

    Going on a tour without appropriate preparation and equipment is careless. It would not only your own live you are risking, but also your fellow mountaineering mates who are around in the same area.

    What you have to carry with you during a ski tour:

    • Avalanche transceiver

    • Mobile phone

    • Shovel

    • Avalanche probe

    • First Aid Kit

    • Sufficient food and drinks

    • Additional clothing to change


    On the day of the tour...

    • Read the avalanche report and check its impact on the planned tour.

    • Read the weather forecast and check its impact on the planned tour. 

    • Are all participants in an adequate shape in health status in order to do the ski tour?


    All information has been carefully researched. No responsibility is taken for the content which do not claim to be exhaustive. The use of the brochures is exclusively at your own risk, thus at your own responsibility. No liability can be accepted for possible accidents or damages of any kind.


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